We receive lots of positive, encouraging feedback regarding how the Lord is using the various ministries here at Moments With The Book. Below is a sampling of some of the comments which have come in lately.

Date added: 04/14/2014 From: J.W., CA
In the past few months I've learned so much about the Bible as I've been reading through the Daily Bible Reader series. I've become used to waking up, drinking my first cup of coffee and reading the Word. Would you be able to send me the next volume? You are providing a wonderful, refreshing and glorious way to read the Bible on a daily basis.
Date added: 04/14/2014 From: R.R., CA
I am writing to thank you for the most recent issue of Moments For You dealing with "God is love," as well as the tracts for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. It's a blessing for the prisoners to receive the literature you send. It's such a pleasure to read and get closer to God.
Date added: 04/14/2014 From: C.M., TX
Thank you for everything you do for me as a prisoner. God is AWESOME! I received my latest Moments For You issue reminding me of the great love God has for us, His children. I received this reminder at a perfect time. God is my hope. Jesus is my all in all.
Date added: 04/14/2014 From: J.M., AZ
I am beyond grateful and thankful to have been blessed by receiving Moments For You while incarcerated. I am scheduled to be released soon and will be returning home. I look forward to receiving Moments For You at my home address. The encouragement that you have given me has made it possible for me to leave prison with my full life in Christ restored. I had become spiritually dead, but through your literature, you inspired me back to life and shown me the true meaning of "it is more blessed to give than to receive." God bless you!
Date added: 04/14/2014 From: W.O., PA
Thank you so much for your recent shipment of Bible Study Outlines and gospel tracts. Your publications are always well received by the men here. They are easy to follow and filled with interesting articles for the men. You provide a great source of reading and spiritual uplifting for all of those who desire to lead a life with Christ. May God bless you with all your continued efforts.
Date added: 04/10/2014 From: R.R., AUSTRALIA
Greetings in the mighty and powerful name of JESUS, the risen Christ! I write these few lines to ask if you can kindly send me some tracts entitled "Will You Be Surprised?" A friend of mine gave me this tract and I was indeed touched after reading it. Praise God who has delivered and set us free by the Cross of Calvary. I would be grateful if you could please send me some of this tract for distribution here where most people don't believe in God which is very sad. Since I have no income at present, having just migrated here. I'm unable to donate anything for this cause, but I surely will as soon as the Lord opens a door for me and I know He will provide. He alone is my Jehovah Jireh. I'm 81years of age. Praise His name.
Date added: 04/03/2014 From: A.R., West Indies
Greetings to you in Jesus' name. Thank you for the regular package of 60 booklets that you faithfully send to us. Christians and others respond favorably to the "Moments For You." They keep requesting it. Please start sending 100 booklets to us now if possible. We use the booklets in an outreach to adults and youth. The Christians are encouraged. Please continue to pray with us for the conversion of the unsaved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. Do continue to pray for us, that the Word will have free course in our country of Trinidad and Tobago for the honor and glory of God, and to be delivered from heresy and apostasy.
Date added: 04/01/2014 From: J.V., TX
I am really thankful for everything you've sent me. You are all really helping me a lot. Slowly, I've been learning more about the word of God. I am a new man.
Date added: 03/29/2014 From: G.W., CA
I really do enjoy your Moments For You magazine. It has brought lots of joy in my heart the past few years. Thank you for sending it to me.
Date added: 03/27/2014 From: R.T., OR
Thank you so much for the Gospel tracts and other stuff that you have sent me in the past. After reading them, I send them to friends and family. I pray that God's love keeps touching everything you do. It's a real blessing to receive items from you even though I have no money to send you.

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