We receive lots of positive, encouraging feedback regarding how the Lord is using the various ministries here at Moments With The Book. Below is a sampling of some of the comments which have come in lately.

Date added: 09/18/2014 From: D.Y., NY
In my first few months in county jail, I finally came to the Lord. It has been the best decision I have ever made. I'm finally free. Although it is still a struggle sometimes, I know that God is with me. Could you please send me any literature that can help me grow spiritually? Thank you so much!!
Date added: 09/16/2014 From: D.L., MS
Many thanks for the tracts you sent for our prison ministry and the Moments For You that you have been good enough to send for many years. So few seem to care for people that are incarcerated. I am 83 years old and continue to be blessed with health to serve the Lord Jesus. May God bless your ministry.
Date added: 09/16/2014 From: Z.K., IL
Thank you for the love and support that you continue to extend to prisoners, like me.
Date added: 09/11/2014 From: H.P., TX
I have received your wonderful tracts and small pamphlets for years. Thank you! I read them all, and then place them on "the wall" where other men here in this prison can pick them up and read each one. They will be read by many.
Date added: 09/11/2014 From: G.H., FL
I was so excited to receive your latest issue of Moments For You. I always enjoy hearing from you and love reading the tracts and resources you send. I share them with others when I am done.
Date added: 09/09/2014 From: R.S., CA
Thank you for your most welcomed gift of tracts you sent to me here in prison. I mail out the tracts to pen pals, family members, and friends. Many have told me how your tracts have changed their lives and led them to Christ Jesus. Never stop preaching God's word and reaching out to lost souls for the Lord.
Date added: 09/08/2014 From: A.T., NC
I just want to thank you for all the tracts and Moments For You booklets that you mail to me. I love to read them so much. Thank you and God bless you.
Date added: 09/03/2014 From: M.B., CA
I pray that our awesome God does continue to bless MWTB. The Lord has used your tracts through my hands to bring more than a few men to their knees before God.
Date added: 09/03/2014 From: A.B., CA
I recently got on my knees and confessed Jesus as Lord and Master of my life. I am writing to ask if you can send me a Bible or any material that can help me along in my journey. Thank you!
Date added: 09/03/2014 From: T.J., PA
I would like to thank you for adding me to your mailing list. I also thank you for everything you send to me here in prison. I really enjoy the Moments For You booklets. I am trying to bring my wife and kids to Christ, so I read the tracts you send, and then send them to my family. I really do appreciate everything. What a blessing!

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