We receive lots of positive, encouraging feedback regarding how the Lord is using the various ministries here at Moments With The Book. Below is a sampling of some of the comments which have come in lately.

Date added: 09/26/2014 From: A.R., West Indies
We thank you ever so much for the tracts that you freely send us. You are in our prayers. Already many of the Gospel Tracts have been distributed freely to as the Holy Spirit led us. It's great to be part and parcel of world-wide evangelism—it's really all about Jesus! Praise God for saving us, and sparing our lives to spread the Gospel to others—young and old, affluent and underprivileged, irregardless of color, creed or race. Trinidad and Tobago is so much in need of the true, unadulterated Word. Please join us in prayer for the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the unsaved and even in the lives of baptized believers.
Date added: 09/26/2014 From: R.R., AUSTRALIA
Many thanks for sending me the tracts and Moments For You magazines which I have distributed far and wide for the glory of God that the LOST may find Christ in these last days. Today, my request is to please send some more tracts so that I can pass them around as long as the Lord keeps me alive. Thank you very much for your great kindness and generosity which will never go in vain. I am without any financial assistance except what the Lord is providing my needs through my children. I am a widow over 80 years old. Please continue the mighty work you are doing for God in these last days we are living in. God bless and prosper you in every area of your lives as you continue to be faithful to serve HIM to help HIS people.
Date added: 09/26/2014 From: R.S., CA
I received your awesome gift package with the many powerful testimony tracts. Thank you a trillion and more for your generous contribution to this prison ministry. Thank you especially for the Spanish tracts that you sent. Thanks to you, I have been able to reach out to 20 Spanish speaking lost-souls!
Date added: 09/22/2014 From: L.A., OK
I am 41 years old and incarcerated. I have recently started reading the Bible and doing my best to fully and completely turn my life over to our Lord and gracious Savior. Hence the reason for this letter. You see, I have absolutely no idea where to start. Could you send me some reading material and a Bible of my own to help? Thank you so much!
Date added: 09/22/2014 From: T.H., GA
Thank you so much for the Bible and other material! I have already finished Volume 1 of the Daily Bible Reader and would like to know if you can send me the other volumes. It really does make reading the Bible so much more enjoyable!
Date added: 09/22/2014 From: D.D., CA
I have been using the tracts you sent in the mail here in prison. Could you please send me some more 2015 Calendar Cards? Last year, these were very well received and men kept them posted as a reference (and a resulting witness) in their bunk areas. Thank you. It is encouraging to see how God opens doors of opportunity.
Date added: 09/18/2014 From: D.Y., NY
In my first few months in county jail, I finally came to the Lord. It has been the best decision I have ever made. I'm finally free. Although it is still a struggle sometimes, I know that God is with me. Could you please send me any literature that can help me grow spiritually? Thank you so much!!
Date added: 09/16/2014 From: D.L., MS
Many thanks for the tracts you sent for our prison ministry and the Moments For You that you have been good enough to send for many years. So few seem to care for people that are incarcerated. I am 83 years old and continue to be blessed with health to serve the Lord Jesus. May God bless your ministry.
Date added: 09/16/2014 From: Z.K., IL
Thank you for the love and support that you continue to extend to prisoners, like me.
Date added: 09/11/2014 From: H.P., TX
I have received your wonderful tracts and small pamphlets for years. Thank you! I read them all, and then place them on "the wall" where other men here in this prison can pick them up and read each one. They will be read by many.

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