We receive lots of positive, encouraging feedback regarding how the Lord is using the various ministries here at Moments With The Book. Below is a sampling of some of the comments which have come in lately.

Date added: 12/17/2014 From: M.G. Zambia
Good morning. I was wondering if you would be able to give us permission to translate some of your tracts into local languages here in Zambia. Right now I have #244 and 179. We are looking to get more literature printed. The Watchtower Society is setting up a very large printing press in Kabompo and we are so far behind in good quality publications. Thank you and God bless.
Date added: 12/15/2014 From: J.S., NY
I am writing to thank you very much for the most greatest gift I have ever gotten in my whole life! I had tears of happiness because the Bible you sent to me in prison is just what I was wanting! Bless you all and thank you so very much!
Date added: 12/04/2014 From: D.T., NY
Thank you so much for sending Moments For You. When I receive your mail, I'm filled with joy and have a big smile, even here in this place (prison). I read all of your tracts over and over and then lend them to my buddies so they can enjoy them. While I'm living in my current situation, you've been a great help and I've learned so much about the Bible. Thank you for sending me joy and strength in a little envelope!
Date added: 12/02/2014 From: S.G., FL
We want to thank you again for the materials you donated for our institution. These materials are a great asset to our ministry, to the lost souls of those incarcerated. Our desire is to help those who do not know Jesus Christ and also to help those who know Him, but need encouragement. The help you offer to us is awesome, and we love participating with you in this wonderful adventure of serving the Lord!
Date added: 12/02/2014 From: H.H, CA
I regularly receive mailings from you that never fail to lift me up. I just wanted to write you to let you know that your work does matter and truly helps people. I never throw your mailings away. I always pass them on to someone who, I hope, gets something from God's word.
Date added: 11/24/2014 From: J.H., FL
I have been receiving your quarterly mailing this past year. Let me just say, your tracts are more than wonderful! They are a big, big, blessing, each and every one.
Date added: 11/17/2014 From: G.H., MD
I read one of your publications during my incarceration. I am free now and it really helped me with my salvation. Thank you for your publications. I truly believe they help bring people to salvation through Christ.
Date added: 11/12/2014 From: A.H., FL
I am so happy that I found your website. It is so hard to find attractive tracts in KJV, with the ability to imprint our name and address at such a low price! Thank you for making our church's ministry so much easier and more professional.
Date added: 11/01/2014 From: W.G., CA
Thank you for the materials that you sent me. They are working greater than I could have ever hoped for. God's hand is moving mightily here and I wish you could be here to see it. This little church is moving with such power.
Date added: 11/01/2014 From: H.B., TX
I wanted to thank you for the Calendar Cards that you sent to me. The other inmates here send their thanks as well. Everyone enjoys these cards very much. If you only knew how good it felt when you said you could send me a Bible. It put a smile on my face and everyone knew I had received good news. I am trying to learn as much as I can, so having a Bible will really help me.

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