Paul's Journeys Crossword Puzzle

The apostle Paul, undoubtedly the greatest missionary of all men, apart from Jesus Christ, took three missionary journeys as recorded in Acts 13:3-21:17. Please read these Scriptures which give much insight as to the purpose and strategies for mission work. The names of persons and places connected with Paul's missionary journeys provide the answers to this puzzle.

3. In a night vision Paul was summoned to this place, the first part of Europe to hear the gospel.
5. Paul went here the day after being stoned and left for dead in Lystra.
10. While waiting here for Silas and Timothy, Paul delivered his famous message on Mars Hill.
11. The silversmith who lost business when people turned to God from idols after Paul's preaching.
12. The place where Philip the evangelist lived.
14. Chief ruler of synagogue in Corinth who was converted.
15. Deputy who is first recorded convert of Paul's missionary journeys (two words).
20. Paul encountered and healed impotent man here.
21. First stop after leaving Antioch on first missionary journey.
22. On his third visit to Lystra Paul invited this young man to accompany him.
23. Paul passed through here on way to Thessalonica.
24. After Jewish opposition forced him out of the synagogue, Paul taught daily in this man's school for two years.

1. A man of Thessalonica who accompanied Paul on his travels to Asia on third missionary journey.
2. The Jews of this place searched the Scriptures daily.
4. After retracing his steps to build up believers in several places, this was the last stop before resuming to their starting place of Antioch.
6. Paul taught in the synagogues of this place for three months on his third missionary journey.
7. Early convert of Cyprus who lodged Paul and his companions as they ended the third missionary journey in Jerusalem.
8. A woman who was converted at Mars Hill.
9. Wife of a tentmaker who housed Paul in Corinth.
13. The number of months Paul remained in Corinth.
15. Paul chose this man to go with him on his second missionary journey.
16. Paul and Barnabas shook off the dust of their feet against those who expelled them from this place.
17. Paul met the Ephesian elders here for the last time.
18. Here Paul found a prayer meeting by the riverside.
19. Young man who fell asleep during Paul's preaching at Troas, and fell three stories to his death.
20. The first convert in Europe, a seller of purple.

Paul's Journeys Crossword Puzzle

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