Disciples' Desire Acrostic

  • One slain by a Prophet after thinking his life was to be spared.
  • A sorcerer whom an Apostle caused to be stricken with blindness.
  • A Prophet who received a vision concerning Judah and Jerusalem.
  • A servant of the King of Israel who slew the Priests of the Lord.
  • A Prophet who never tasted death.
  • A creeping animal which incurred the anger of a Prophet.
  • An Old Testament archer who was cast out by his father but blessed by God.
  • One whom an Apostle spoke of as "Mine own son after the common faith."
  • A Prophet through whom the Lord spoke to the people, saying, "Consider your ways."
  • One who was slain for unrighteously handling the ark of God.
  • One who was chosen instead of his father to build the Temple.

Initial letters of answers form a sentence which two disciples spoke to the Lord after His resurrection.

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