Lambs and Sheep Crossword Puzzle

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2. Jacob first saw this young woman, who would later become his wife, coming with the sheep.

6. What kind of prophets come in sheep's clothing?

8. Before his trials began, how many thousand sheep did Job have?

9. Abigail's husband, a churlish and evil man and owner of three thousand sheep.

11. What animal will dwell with the lamb during the millennium?

14. Isaiah prophesied of the Lord as a lamb led to the _________.

16. When the Lord sent forth His twelve disciples, he told them to go to the lost sheep of the house of ________.

17. In order to get David to acknowledge his great sin, which prophet came to him with the story of a rich man who took a poor man's lamb?

18. After Jesus rose from the dead, He told Peter to ________ His sheep.

19. In reprimanding the Pharisees who found fault with healing on the Sabbath, the Lord gave the example of a sheep falling into a _______.

20. To whom did Samuel say, "What meaneth this bleating of the sheep?"

21. Just before He fed the five thousand, Scripture says the Lord had compassion on the people because they were like sheep not having a _________.


1. Who said, "Behold, the Lamb of God"?

3. Who was the first keeper of sheep mentioned in the Bible?

4. What did the Good Shepherd give for His sheep?

5. One group in Revelation who say, "Worthy is the Lamb … slain."

7. In the parable, where is the lost sheep put when found?

10. The lamb for the passover was to be a male without _______.

12. How many sheep did Abigail prepare (along with other food) to take to David's young men?

13. Jesse's youngest son who was a keeper of sheep.

15. Where does Isaiah say we, as sheep, have gone?

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