Money Makes the Mare Go

How interestingly and amusingly true is the familiar saying handed down from Grandma's time, that Money makes the mare go. Every day one can witness the truth of this time-worn adage.

Mr. Gregory Greenbacks enters the lobby of a Chicago hotel. A smiling bellboy sees him, rushes across the soft, thick, flowered carpet to relieve him of his baggage. This most helpful and accommodating young man accompanies the new guest to the room clerk's desk and when the registering is completed, pilots him up to Room 201. Here he unlocks the room door, adjusts the draperies, hangs up Mr. Greenbacks' hat and coat, puts the baggage on the baggage stand and then smiles and most courteously asks if he can be of further service. He wants to do all within the limits of his power to make Mr. Greenbacks' stay a most pleasant and restful one. It's the same bellboy who cared for Mr. Greenbacks on his last visit, three days ago. He hasn't forgotten that generous tip that was dropped into his cupped palm just seventy-two hours before.

Yes, Money makes the mare go.

Well, old Mr. Marvin Moneybags has gone at last. Reports are: He left ten million. He died last Thursday at the age of eighty-three.

After he was taken suddenly ill, about six weeks ago, he was flown in a special plane, accompanied by his physician and nurse, from his country estate in Vermont to a Florida sanitarium. Three weeks later he was again flown in a special plane, accompanied by his physician and a nurse, from Florida to his seaside home in Maine. A Pacific Coast specialist came in a chartered plane from California to New England to care for the old man in his last days. Everybody, it seems, took an unusually keen and most friendly and kind interest in the old gentleman's health, comfort and welfare. Attending him when he died were two family physicians, the California specialist, two night, as well as two day, registered nurses.

Yes indeed, Money makes the mare go.

How many things money will buy in this money-loving world!

But, there are a number of things in this money-loving world that money simply cannot buy. Here are a few of them:

Money cannot buy PEACE with GOD.
Money cannot buy the PEACE of GOD.
Money cannot buy ETERNAL LIFE.
Money cannot buy HEART SATISFACTION.
Money cannot buy A HOME with GOD when life in this world is over.
Money cannot buy an ESCAPE from HELL.

But, dear reader, the Lord Jesus Christ, God's Son, who died on the cross of Calvary for the sins of lost mankind, will GIVE YOU the forgiveness of sins, peace with God, the Peace of God, Eternal Life, heart satisfaction, and eventually a Home with God when life in this world, for you, is over, if you will ask Him, and trust Him to be your Saviour.

God's Word, the Bible, surely speaks unmistakably, when it says:


If you have never done so before, why not ask God to save you now, because you will trust Christ—and Him only—as your Saviour. Following is God's unconditional promise:

"WHOSOEVER SHALL CALL upon the name of the LORD SHALL BE SAVED" (Romans 10:13).


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